AutoPy is an easy-to-use auto update library that can be setup in only 2 steps.


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Quickstart Guide

AutoPy is very simple to setup. Just follow the instructions below...

Step 1:

Add a file named

containing the current version of your app (like

Step 2:

Create a file which is the file that you need to download. Name it something like


Step 3:

Paste the code below into the start of your program and fill in the required information.

import autopy
currentVersion = "1.0.0" # The current version of the app
downloadFile = "download.exe" # The name of the file to download
domain = "https://my.site" # Your domain/webserver
autopy.checkupdates(currentVersion, domain, downloadFile) # Check for updates

That's it! You're ready to automate the update process.